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    On January 9 we will have Voters’ Meetings to decide whether or not to call a seminary candidate as the next pastor of our congregations.  The day’s schedule will be:

     Joint Communion Service at St.  John’s   at  10:30 am

    Fellowship Meal  at 11:30 am

    Combined Voters information meeting at St. John’s  at 12:30 pm

    Individual Voters meetings, both held at St. John’s  

       Following the Combined meeting


  • “C” You Sunday

    (Christ, Coffee, Cocoa, Cookies, Comfy-Clothes)

    Sunday, January 30  8:45 am

    Last year, Covid gave us an opportunity to  worship at home in our Comfy Clothes with our favorite morning foods.  On Sunday, January 30 let’s get comfy at church and enjoy a snack/beverage while worshiping Christ! Coffee , Cocoa and Cookies will be available in the Fellowship Hall starting at 8:30 am.  Grab a treat and beverage and bring them with you to your pew (you can bring your favorite beverage or snack from home too). Please use a covered drink cup to avoid spills.  “C” you on Sunday!

  • A 35 minute presentation on the biology of cells, viruses and vaccines that are still valid today.  Click on the link below.